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3D composites

Author : Date : 2015-12-8 11:02:50
 3D composites

Owing to 3D fabric integral structure, the composite made of it offer superior resistance against delamination, widely used in railway industry, shipbuilding, aerospace, wind energy, building and construction, double-deck storage tank etc.


1.      Light weight, high strength, high modulus

2.      Great resistance against delamination

3.      High design-versatility

4.      Space between both decklayers can be multi-functional (embedded with sensors and wires or infused with foam)

5.      Simple and effective lamination process

6.      Thermal and sound insulated, fire retardant, wave transmittable

Application situation

1.Railway industry: Pantograh covers of high-speed trains, interior wall panels, train doors, bus floor, bus panels

High strength/ weight ratio, integral resistance against delamination, qualified fire and sound insulation

2.Building and construction: interior and exterior wall covers, partitioning panels as well as roofing and flooring system

Light weight, high strength, environmental protection, low cost, sound absorption, thermal insulation, ageing resistant, easy to operation

3.Double-deck storage tank: interlining

Monitor the leakage and situation of liquid in the storage tank

4.Aerospace: Antenna housing

Good wave transmissivity, good design of broadband, light weight

5.Wind energy: Blades

Impressive specific strength, specific stiffness and design-versatility, reduction weight, reduction cost, good fatigue resistance, good weather fastness

6.Shipbuilding: Hulls, decks, interior parts, doors, floor panels, engine casings

High strength, sound absorption, heat preservation, high manufacturing efficiency, low cost